Senior Resource Officer - Industry

We are looking to appoint a Senior Resource Officer for a permanent role within the Industry team. We require an experienced person who can also advise and assist less experienced staff within the team. 

The Industry team are a great team of people with a wealth of experience, who are achievement orientated, and who foster a great team culture. There are opportunities to lead improvements in the work we do, and flexibility to mould the job around your strengths and provide leadership within Waikato Regional Council in those areas. This is a high level role and is paid accordingly along with other great staff benefits.

As a Senior Resource Officer, you will be focusing primarily on compliance monitoring and consent processing, you will also find yourself responding to enquiries and complaints. You will be involved in hearings and potentially Environment court appeals. The main customers of the Industry team are the professionals working in or for processing industries including meat works and dairy factories and other businesses such as trucking firms and also landfills.  You will often be dealing with large and technically complex discharge consents and therefore must be articulate in the Resource Management Act and preferably hold a tertiary qualification in science.

To be successful in the role you will need to have an eye for detail and excellent problem solving skills.  The ability to understand technical issues and communicate effectively, in situations that can be challenging is essential.  You must also be able to build positive relationships with stakeholders to achieve practical outcomes within the boundaries of legislation.

Permanent Full Time

Job no: M8114

Location: Waikato Regional Council

Closing Date: Sunday, 23 June 2019