Engagement & Policy Planner

Role of this Position


Position Objectives

·  To provide high quality professional community engagement and public consultation to support all areas of Council.

·  To facilitate the development, reviewing and improvement of Council policies and bylaws to meet the needs of the community and Council’s legislative requirements.

·  To provide professional support to the Community Development Manager in all areas of administration support, project management and Community Development work programmes, including strategy development and implementation.

·  To contribute to the effective and efficient, management and planning of Council’s Long Term Plan, Annual Plan and Annual Report processes, particularly through leading the community/stakeholder consultation processes.

·  Promoting, in consultation with Government and HGOs, the interests of Aged, Youth and the Disabled.


Permanent Full Time

Job no: CDEPP20122018

Location: West Coast, Grey

Closing Date: Engagement & Policy Planner